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You don't have to go it alone.

Get the help you need for the price you want.

What to do if you get a notification from the IRS?

  • Keep records
  • Shop around
  • Don't panic and don't put it off
  • If it's not Pro Tax, find another professional
  • Avoid dealing with out of state companies

Why should you have us help you with your tax lien?

If you are reading this, the IRS has probably filed a Federal Tax Lien against you for delinquent taxes. Soon you will start getting bombarded by letters from various tax firms claiming they will solve your tax issue. Feel free to give them a call but make sure to call Pro Tax before paying for any of these services. Why you ask?



Pro Tax has helped thousands of clients fix their problems with the IRS since 2002.  Pro Tax actually solves your tax lien problem! Being an IRS Enrolled Agent, I know how to work and handle your situation. I am an aggressive tax expert who can file back tax returns, defend audits, stop wage garnishments, stop tax levies, or offer to settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar.



My name is Matt Penkert and I am an enrolled agent with the IRS. and the owner of Pro Tax Financial Services located in Mesa. Stay clear of out of state companies using toll free numbers that don’t meet with you face to face. Pro Tax is a small family owned business since 2002 in the greater Phoenix and surrounding area.  We don't use salesmen. Other companies have commissioned personnel that set you up with overpriced payment plans and bury you with complicated paperwork. Then when a payment is missed or paperwork isn’t returned, they cancel your service without solving your problems.


The salesmen at other tax firms will ask for ridiculous amounts, usually $5000 or more to assist you with your tax problem. Pro Tax is different than these national corporations. Our initial consultation is free! After that we can start representing you for as little as $295.



Your tax problem will not go away on its own. The first step is to contact Pro Tax and set an appointment for your complimentary consultation. Remember, fixing tax problems is our job and we're really good at it!


When you are ready to get help with your tax lien contact us at (480) 464-1040.

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